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Universal Vision Group INC (UVG), is a United States Corporation organized in the state of Nevada. UVG is a Visa® and MasterCard® registered 3D secure PSP, ensuring full compliance with both Visa® and MasterCard® certification requirements. UVG, through its proprietary UVG Card Systems® software offers a complete TIER 1 Card issuer processing infrastructure and an e-commerce Payment Systems Provider (PSP) platform.

UVG, backed by its team of experts and professionals with vast experience in financial markets and software development, is expanding its business activities into branded prepaid cards and other payment solutions to serve the United States and global marketplace and is positioned to become one of the leading providers of international multi-currency prepaid cards.

Through its proprietary UVG Card Systems® software, UVG will provide its prepaid products to its corporate clients, partner banks and other network of financial institutions seeking prepaid card services through UVG's affiliate partnership program.