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The main product that UVG provides is a corporate prepaid card program custom tailored to your specific customers or employees. UVG specializes in corporate cards such as:

  • Corporate general purpose reloadable (GPR) cards
  • Reloadable gift cards
  • Payroll prepaid cards
  • Pharmacy prepaid cards
  • School prepaid cards

Our corporate partners are typically small businesses, corporate America, commercial banks, credit unions and schools.

Corporate vs. Retail Card

Today, the overwhelming majority of the prepaid market only serves the retail segment, including all five of the industry's largest prepaid companies. Although these retail cards are growing in popularity and usage, common complaints include fees and deceptive advertising in regards to establishing or building credit.

The oldest type of corporate cards are for government payments such as child support payments, food stamp, school lunch, Social Security benefits, tax refunds, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and unemployment benefits. These government payments can be made directly to prepaid cards.

Otherwise, the corporate market remains largely unserved, which is why UVG is focusing only upon corporate prepaid cards instead of retail prepaid cards. Corporate cards are very different from retail cards, as various potential corporate clients discovered when contacting retail card companies for help in creating corporate card programs. No retail card company such as Green Dot or Netspend is capable or interested in providing corporate prepaid cards.

  • Benefits
  • Business Travel
  • Corporate Purchasing
  • Healthcare & Insurance
    (e.g. HSA / FSA)
  • Fleet
  • Employee Incentives
    & Rebates
  • Meal Vouchers
  • Payroll