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of Card Programs

There are several dozen types of prepaid cards. UVG primarily focuses on the handful of types described here:

Travel Card

Travel cards are a secure and convenient method of spending money when you travel overseas. The very nature of prepaid travel card makes it a safer and secure option to carrying cash or travelers checks. Travel cards can be used in a millions retail locations and ATM machines worldwide that support MasterCard and Visa.

Travel cards are prepaid MasterCard cards. They work like your debit card, you simply load funds onto the card Bank yourself or through a registered user and the card is ready to use at millions of retail locations, ATM's worldwide within MasterCard and Visa partners.

Travel Card


  • Safe alternative to Cash when traveling
  • Cards accepted worldwide at ATM and retail locations
  • Access to cash in either local or destination currency
  • No personal information is ever at risk
  • Protects against fraud, identity theft and loss of cash when traveling
  • Online bill pay and personal financial manager
  • No Interest or Late fees