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of Card Programs

There are several dozen types of prepaid cards. UVG primarily focuses on the handful of types described here:

Corporate Prepaid Cards
for Small Businesses and Corporate America

A petty cash card, corporate purchasing card, business travel card, and meal vouchers card are examples of how companies are applying prepaid solutions to a broader set of transactions. An employer can prevent overspending by employees requiring access to funds during business trips, since only the amounts preloaded onto prepaid cards can be spent.

There is an intrinsic trophy value in employee incentive and spot award programs that can motivate performance, increase productivity, and drive loyalty. In addition to traditional open-loop cards where card recipients choose their own individual incentives and rewards, UVG also offers semi-open-loop cards tailored to specific reward themes and merchant categories for corporate partners who want to steer redemption patterns and are concerned where the cards are spent.

For customers and contractors based overseas, a company can reload the prepaid cards locally for international use. Rebate cards for a company's customers possess branding and marketing value since the corporate logo is printed on each prepaid card.